Saturday, August 09, 2008

In this corner: depression

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Friday, August 08, 2008

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

What have we learned this week class? If you want to get your face on the screen or in the paper you have to either announce your candidacy for presidency or, depending on your desperation, admit having an affair with a novice filmmaker.

Columbia Journalism Review has been persistent during the past week or two in questioning why media have ignored the John Edwards affair. “A Lack Of Corroboration” briefly explores WaPo's handling of the story.

Here's what I wonder with the Edwards deal-e-o: Since I am extremely distrustful of the intentions of the media hungry and politicians, did Edwards admit having an affair because no one in the press seemingly cared enough to give the story air time or ink?

Edwards maintains the child is not his. I'll need to see the kid's hair cut receipts to judge for myself.

Furthermore, the woman involved in the affair got a contract out of the fling. Being unemployed, I take this as another strategy to break into the entertainment business.

Step 1: go to a bar.
Step 2: make nice with someone running for president.
Step 3: get a job.

Class dismissed.

Note: I had some other witty things written but they were lost when Blogger was doing maintenance on the site.
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Election 08': McCain, Obama and....Hilton?

Paris is smarter than we think people.

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After seeing this, I think we should give her more credit. Sure she is like Jennifer Lopez with mediocre looks and singing ability, but the girl knows when she is being used or being made fun of. We can clearly see that with this fun little response for Mr. Old and wrinkly McCain. She makes more sense than he does, so she's got my vote. Although seeing the White House not white anymore might be a traumatic experience for me.

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