Thursday, October 09, 2008

Welcome to the Waiting Room

Next week my Fulbright application will be on its way to New York to be evaluated. For those that don't know, my proposal focuses on the role of community media in a media landscape predominantly owned by a few conglomerates. I strongly believe this ownership model of many outlets being controlled by a few players is the future of American media.

If selected, I would depart next July to spend a year abroad studying at the University of Sydney. Through the power of the internet I have established connections with professors and community media organizers in Sydney.

This truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would allow me to grow as a media scholar and researcher while going abroad for the first time. The first cuts of Fulbright applicants will be made in January and final decisions will be made in March/April.

Coincidentally, Australia recently launched their new tourism campaign. They don't need to convince this ozzie at heart.

I can't wait for my walkabout. ...Go on