Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm no Adrian Monk, but I am a bit concerned whenever I travel. Inevitably, I get the sneezer/cougher next to me on the plane. I reluctantly did two things on this trip that I may regret.

My first quandary was whether or not to share my water jug. Seeing as it was wicked hot, I felt the germs could be killed and the greater good would be hydration for all (wasn't that one of the tenets of the musketeers?).

The second decision was whether or not to use the germ bag, also known as a pillow, on the plane. You might as well lick the gutter. I opted to use the germ bad, since my white man fro has yet to grow back. In its peak, it is like a built-in pillow.

Airplanes are glorified petri dishes with in-flight entertainment, pretzels and mini pops.


K-Rock said...

Thanks to the drafty plane ride (and the clothing I wore in preparation for another 90 degree day), I WAS that sneezer on the plane...sorry. However, I sneeze into my elbow, minimizing the transfer of germs by hands.

Contagious said...

Nice touch. But do you spit in my general direction?