Friday, June 27, 2008

How 'bout going to New York?

New York City is HARDLY Bryn Mawr, but it's a nice enough town, I guess.

I know this is hardly Serious Journalistic Business, but since we are Serious Journalists, and travel is a part of our Business, it's relevant. I was talking with Ew yesterday and the possibility of meeting in NYC at summer's end came up. What do you think? Want to come with? Some of our very favorite people live in New York, and so do their couches. Let's take advantage of that!

(People who live in New York: wouldn't it be cool if we all came and visited you? In New York? En masse? Can we stay on your couch?)

Email me at if you're interested and we'll talk dates.


Hope said...

Yes. All of you will have to sleep on the same couch, or course. But you're welcome to stay.

K-Rock said...

I love that I am a buzz word for this post. And depending on when it is, you may be able to stay here with me. (Depends on if the people who actually LIVE here are on vacation or not.) Hope--are you coming to gay pride parade tomorrow?? We need to hang out one of these days. YAY, visitors!

Contagious said...

Can I call top of the pile? Or will there be another Andrew sandwich? (I'm kind of a fan of both options.) Innocence for the taking...

I enjoy that you referred to it as "nice enough" (it's no Chicago).

Maybe I'll go canning for travel money. I'll call it A.N.F.