Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Eyes

Will the lawsuits never end? Reuters reports that a woman is suing Victoria's Secret for damage to her eye allegedly caused by a metal clip that "flew off" the underroos whilst she put them on. Macrida Patterson was on the Today Show with her lawyer describing what happened.

I have a few issues with this story. First, I don't like seeing the words "52-year-old woman" and "thong" in the same sentence. Second, there's a reason you get underwear WITHOUT metal. I hope this doesn't lead to warning labels on underwear.

CAUTION: May cause blindness.

If I were Patterson I would have gone on the Today Show with an ultra sexy eye patch. She drove herself home from work after the incident, went to the hospital the following day and missed work due to the incident. She had to put some ointment in her eye.

The other day I had an eyelash in my eye that was excruciatingly painful, sadly there is no one I can sue over it.

Finally, I would like to file my lawsuit against whoever made Lycra and Spandex. While the material suits a very small percentage of people, the large majority aren't "fit" to wear it. Therefore, I allege mental anguish and retinal damage. I'll see you in court.


SammyKay said...

This story is so hard to believe. I used to work at Victorias Secret and there were many customers that would return "defective" merchandise. However, no one ever got hurt from any of the products (except for that one allergic reaction to lotion).

You buy at your own risk. And if your looking for safety (and comfort) don't buy a thong with metal attatchments. Its obviously not built to last. The attatchment is meant to look pretty and then accidentaly spring off one day (supposedly, as in this case).

What I have the most trouble believing about this story, is that somehow, the metal fixture flew off from the back of the underwear all the way up to her eye and she was "cut" in three areas of her cornea. If that really did happen her underwear are too tight.

This story makes me wonder what is the world coming to? This woman should just be happy she still has her sight, I suppose her husband should too. Just kidding, mean jokes aside.

Contagious said...

I know when I buy my underroos...

How can underwear be defective? That's like saying a t-shirt is defective.

I also questioned how the metal bit flew into her eye. Maybe she put them on backwards?

It seems wrong to say, but I agree with you. The gravity of the situation doesn't seem to merit a lawsuit. She can still see.

I'd be upset too if I was caused discomfort by a product, but perhaps this is another trend story: frivolous lawsuits.

Contagious said...