Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Unforeseen consequences? You decide.

We all came up with a few instances of government regulations and bills that just end up being bad ideas with unforeseen consequences that only make the situation worse. Here are a few current events, in brief, that may spur legislation. Blog about it--what might become of these?

-Requiring sunglasses to have UV protection
-Forcing railways to re-route hazardous material around residential areas rather than through them
-Baseball leagues banning maple bats, which can shatter and fly when they break, but have a bigger sweet spot than other wood bats
-School lunch monitors limiting the number of scoops of food children can put on their plates to offset the cost of food (No really! This is happening.)

I may add a few later, but we can start with these oddball situations.

Another unforeseen consequence? Dave Koz, while performing on alto and soprano sax at the Indianapolis JazzFest this past weekend, may have thought his pelvic thrusts and carefully rehearsed choreography would turn on every 40-something in the crowd. What he did not foresee, however, was a 20-something posting his ridiculousness on her blog for all her friends to laugh at. Nor did he foresee being compared to the love-child of Donnie Osmond and Kenny-G. Take a look.

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