Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Box Office Math

The Dark Knight is breaking box-office records thanks to a huge opening weekend. Variety reported on the film's box office take for a non-holiday Monday. According to the article and other hype (is it hype?) surrounding the film, it should shatter all records and is the greatest film ever put on celluloid.
Warner Bros.' "The Dark Knight" barely slowed down as it grossed a record-breaking $24.6 million at the domestic box office Monday and plowed toward the $200 million mark, sporting a cume of $182.9 million in its four days.
The question I have when everyone continues to say how movies are breaking box office records relates to box office math. Ticket prices continually go up. Box office numbers are measured in gross money earned. Ticket prices continue to go up, so the way I view it, the increase in ticket prices has to contribute to the rise in box office take, right?
source: National Association of Theater Owners

Granted the margin between the previous leader and Batman is pretty wide, is it really that big a difference? Or do the media love records more than the folks at Guinness?

* Weekend equals Fri-Sat-Sun. Movies that do not have a 3-day opening gross are not included on this chart.
^ Total Gross does include additional releases, if any.
** First weekend of wide release.
source: Box Office Mojo (sounds official)

Thoughts? Movie reviews?

Also, how is it that Mama Mia made 27 million?

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