Friday, July 11, 2008

Just when I start working at a magazine...

I think I will soon invest in that website that teaches important web and design programs. Just when I start work at a magazine, the Publisher's Information Bureau releases a report saying that in the last quarter, magazine ads have fallen 8% on average. Some of the worst cases show magazines like Newsweek down as much as 34.9%. This leaves the industry down almost $0.4 billion dollars since last year. Check out the story.

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Contagious said...

Are you saying you'll take the classes to go into Web design outside of journalism? Perhaps you could learn to be a doctor...of photographs.

I forget where I heard this (could have been Philadelphia) info, but the person was saying how media made rather substantial profits in years past. Now, the ad sales and diminished revenue are lowering their profits to more normal rates seen in competing industries.