Sunday, July 06, 2008

Reporter Source Resource

Hey guys. A colleague forwarded this site to me and although I haven't used it yet, it looks like a useful resource to add to our cache of 'ways to get sources.'


Its a newsletter where journalists can post requests looking for sources for their stories. Email "newsletters" go out several times daily to people who sign up to be potential sources.
The guy who acts as the filter does this completely on his own time for the good karma it produces, and the site generally seems like a positive resource for finding people to interview or to flesh out a story.

Another similar site, but with more history and establishment behind it, is:

Post a little blurb explaining your story and your source needs, and hopefully get a response from an academic or business person who is an expert on that subject!

Just thought these might be useful...
... in other news, there were U.S. Navy sailors in full white uniform walking around Philly for the Fourth of July weekend bc their ship docked so tourists can see the inside of a working ship.
I didn't get a look at the ship, but like most other summer Philadelphians, I was fortunate to get a peek at apple-cheeked young men in uniform.

Some guys saluted them. Some girls giggled and took pictures with them. I asked them for an unofficial interview. ... go figure.

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