Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time Mag Moves To Become Hotspot For Politics Discussion

Time magazine is introducing a sort of point/counterpoint (only point-point) page for Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain to write a weekly essay on an issue of Time's choosing. The page will be called "In Their Words."

This'll be nice. Brilliant move on Time mag's part. Hopefully the speeches will actually be written by them and not policy aides/wonks. I'm more inclined to think Obama's will be his own and McCain's, well, I'm not sure.

Info from, quoted from Time:


Two weeks ago, we presented dueling essays by the presidential candidates on the nature of patriotism. This week, Senators Obama and McCain face off on their strategies for Afghanistan. Their essays inaugurate a regular feature called In Their Words, in which the candidates will share a page and debate an issue of our choosing. Every week, we give you great reporting and analysis on the presidential campaign, but now we're also offering you the unvarnished and unfiltered views of the candidates so you can compare them side by side.

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