Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whoa, Black Betty!

Bam-a-lam! And you thought the song was controversial...wait till you see this. It has nothing to do with journalism, really, besides it possibly being an indicator of the direction our culture is taking. It does, however, involve something that (I should think) intrigues us all.

I saw an ad in the subway for this hair care product today. At first, I thought it was a shampoo that maintained your dye color. Then, as I walked along, I thought it was actually hair dye. Then, I read the catch phrase. "Color for the hair down there." No way? Yes...way.

Introducing Betty, the new pubic hair dye. It comes in blonde betty, black betty, brunette betty, auburn betty, a pink "fun betty," and an aqua blue "malibu betty." The blonde and malibu colors even come with free stencils, in case you want to paint a flower, butterfly, dolphin, or palm tree on your hoo-ha.

In the new movie, "Sex and the City," Miranda is gawked at by her lady friends when she is laying out in a bathing suit, exposing her overgrowth of "hair down there." Now we know she was just trying to show off how she can color her carpet to match the draperies.

If you think it distasteful to blog about the color of your "cha-cha," consider this--the Betty product line has won the indie beauty award as well as a cosmetic product innovator award. Apparently our baby boomers don't want any grays at all, and they're not shy about their excitement for this product. As for the younger generation...Paris, Li-Lo, and Britney, don't fight. There's enough pink dye out there for all of you.


Heather J. Chin said...

Holy cow, that's actually quite disturbing, I think. Then again, I'm not a post-menopausal woman with insecurities about my hair color or a flighty, flippant beach bum who cares only about appearances, so I'm not in the target audience anyway.

Thanks for posting it. At first, I thought it was a colorful line of alcohol.

Contagious said...

First question: Does it come in Dirty Blonde? Is a crab stencil included? Arrows? What about a "CAUTION" sign or skull and crossbones?

FYI: I typically don't go after blue hairs.

How many boxes did you buy?

I feared this is where the story was going.

I also fear the ensuing competitions. Like this.

Did you bring this trend story up to the good people at your internship?

Remember when people (at my school, there was one kid, Zach) who shaved things in their hair?

And now this...

(Apparently you can't embed or link videos in comments.)