Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OCD Pig Squeels for Contract and Film Deal

First, check this out.

If you are too lazy to click a link, here's the synop: Six-week old piglet Cinders cleverly discovered a way to avoid a certain future in a skillet near you. Perhaps while watching a recent episode of Monk, Cinders plotted her "fear" of mud.

Cinder's owners fitted her with her very own pair of "Wellies," formerly adorning their child's key chain. I did expect for the Wellies to be a bit more fashion-forward like these:

Now, Cinder can walk in the mud sans fear of getting dirty.

Mr Keeble and wife Debbie, both 42, run a sausage company and keep about 200 pigs on their 1,000-acre farm.

But the father-of-four said there was no chance that Cinders would be slaughtered.

"She's more of a pet really now and she's going to live a very long and happy life," he said.

With a name like "Cinders" is their doubt that the piglet was destined for the stove?

I'm sure they tell ALL the piglets that they will live very long and happy lives, all the way to the slaughterhouse.

Cinders isn't the first pig thirsty for fame. She comes at the curly-tailed end of a long line of porcine princesses.

There was , also a compulsive worrier.

Then came our literary friend Wilbur in E.B. White's .

All leading up to , the mistaken-identity pig who can impress in the sticks as well in the city.

I fully expect Cinders to extend her brand beyond the fenced confines of North Yorks. Expect her own line of Wellies, perhaps with sausages or lil piglets flying. I also heard a movie deal was in the works, after a guest spot, of course, on next week's episode of Monk.


Heather J. Chin said...

Love the post subject and your take on it. It is succinct, thoughtful (you caught that i'm too lazy to click the link) and replete with witticisms.
I especially love the "porcine princesses" quip.

So, how is the job hunt and applications going? Any leads?

Heather J. Chin said...

oh, just realized that "astute" is more accurate than "thoughtful."

i just watched the video and hm, it's rather anticlimactic.
Wow, Cinders has such a neatly divided balance of pink and black.

Contagious said...

First, I have to give credit to Kristy for the link to the story.

Thanks for the laudatory prose--tell an editor!

It appears that I'll be interning for the Chicago Humanities Festival doing marketing/PR work, which will be good experience (I hope). I'm checking out this other opportunity to do production work for a comedy theater in the city. If I'm going to sell my soul as an indentured servant/slave I might as well give it everything I've got.

The video was a let down--no VO and the pig didn't avoid the mud or have a panic attack.

How are you?